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#nctalks with Dr Christine Chambers – how can we improve our communication of pediatric pain management research and strategies?

On Thursday 17th September, we were lucky enough to have our first #nctalks Twitter interview with pediatric pain management expert and Neurology Central Expert Panel member, Dr Christine Chambers (Dalhousie University; NS, Canada). We discussed everything from the history of pediatric pain management and current research and practices, to the translation of pain research to key stakeholders and the role social media can play in healthcare education and initiatives.

We had a huge amount of insightful questions and there was a wealth of interesting and informative resources shared throughout the interview. You can check out a few of these below.

See the interview as it unfolded using this link. You can also follow Neurology Central (@Neuro_Central) on Twitter to watch and get involved with our next #nctalks!

Resource highlights from #nctalks with Christine Chambers (@DrCChambers):


Why Should You Use Social Media?

TEDx Talks (Mount Allison University ) – It doesn’t have to hurt, Dr. Christine Chambers

It doesn’t have to hurt

Journal articles

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Faces Pain Scale