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Is there hope to treat glioblastoma effectively?

Thomas Mehrling (Mundipharma EDO) speaks to Roshaine Gunawardana, Commissioning Editor of CNS Oncology
What led to your interest in specializing in pharmacological science early on in your career?

The subject found me! Clearly it was the enthusiasm of my teacher at the time that hooked me up too. I was fascinated that body function could be influenced and healed by pharmacologically active substances and to understand how this works, how the drug works on the body and how the body modifies the drug thrilled me. My teacher, Prof Dr Ernst Mutschler in Frankfurt, took us with such an enthusiasm through this subject that I immediately chose to stay with him for my PhD thesis.

As a board certified physician, and also having had experience in the oncology pharmaceuticals industry, what are your thoughts on the relationship between industry and ‘on the ground’ healthcare? How, if at all, would you like this to change?
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