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UK announce up to £150 million funding for new Dementia Research Institute

A new project led by the UK’s Medical Research Council and backed by Prime Minister David Cameron has this week pledged up to £150 million to fund the creation of a new Dementia Research Institute in the UK.

The focus of the institute, which is planned to be operational by 2020, will be in the development of novel diagnostic tests for dementia in addition to methods for preventing the progression of the diseases that are ultimately responsible for the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, Hilary Evans commented: “This important announcement represents a strong commitment to dementia research, and Alzheimer’s Research UK welcomes this plan. A new Dementia Research Institute will help provide much-needed infrastructure, and its UK-wide focus will be vital for bringing together research efforts across the country. It’s important that the centre should be about more than bricks and mortar; this initiative has the potential to encourage greater collaboration and provide real leadership and focus. It will be crucial for the new Institute to work in tandem with existing initiatives, such as Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Drug Discovery Alliance, if we are to make faster progress towards new treatments for dementia that are so desperately needed.”

Source: Alzheimer’s Research UK press release