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Using stem cells to model Parkinson’s disease: an interview with Jens Schwamborn

We recently featured the review ‘Utilization of stem cells to model Parkinson’s disease – current state and future challenges’ from our partner journal, Future Neurology. Here, the article’s co- author, Jens Schwamborn from the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, gives us some background on his research and the recent article.

First, please could you tell us a little about your research background and what led you to become interested in regeneration in Parkinson’s disease (PD)?

As a student in biochemistry, I was already interested in brain research. Luckily I had the opportunities to follow this interest and focus my research in the neuroscience area. I became interested in PD in 2009 when setting up my first independent group. My aim was exploring how stem cells could be used for regenerative approaches. PD was the ideal model to explore this concept. I am convinced that the ability to age in dignity is one of the central challenges that aging societies face. Therefore, research that addresses age-associated neurodegenerative disorders is of utmost importance from my point of view.

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