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Safety and efficacy of cell therapies administered in the acute and subacute stages after stroke: a meta-analysis

Aims: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of cell therapies administered acutely/sub-acutely after stroke. Methods: Five databases were searched for studies examining the safety/efficacy of cell therapies administered ≤90 days post-stroke. Reporting quality and adherence to research guidelines were evaluated. Safety and efficacy were assessed using risk ratios/pooled incidence rates and Hedge’s g, respectively. Results: 11 therapies (Nstudies= 28) were trialed: reporting quality was high, but adherence to guidelines low. Serious adverse events were observed following five treatments; six improved outcomes. There was a trend toward larger treatment effects in non-blinded studies, younger participants, and higher dosages. Conclusion: Although a number of therapies appear effective, many studies did not control for normal recovery (standard-care). Long-term safety also needs to be established.
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