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Infographic: Alcohol and epigenetics – the story so far

Recent years have seen a surge in research into the role of epigenetics in development, as well as the contribution of epigenetic mechanisms to a number of neurological disorders. As we learn more about these mechanisms, researchers have begun to question how our environment and actions can influence epigenetics, which has led to an even greater understanding of how lifestyle influences not only our own health, but also that of future generations.

At SfN’s Neuroscience 2016 in November 2016, we saw recent research into the interactions between alcohol and epigenetic mechanisms highlighted by the Society, so we wanted to dig a little deeper. What effect could binge drinking have on our genetics, and those of our children? Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about the latest research, including research from Asimes and colleagues from Loyola University (IL, USA) on binge alcohol consumption in adolescence and how the epigenetic consequences of this can lead to a higher predisposition for mental health disorders in offspring.

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