Neurology Central

Brain banking: progress, challenges and opportunities


Brain banks are an essential tool for neuropathological studies, allowing us to answer pressing research questions and test new theories. Recent advances in molecular technologies have further expanded the utility of brain banks, while an aging population is increasing interest in dementia and neurodegenerative disorders. But what are the challenges in maintaining, funding and accessing brain banks? How can these be addressed? Join our online event to hear from researchers at Queen Square Brain Bank (London, UK), plus experts from Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Association, as they discuss the current issues surrounding brain banking in a lively panel discussion.

In this hour-long event, held in collaboration between Neuro Central and The Drake Foundation, our expert panel will discuss various aspects of brain banking and its current challenges, including:

  • Recruitment of donors
  • Costs and funding
  • Ethical and regulatory hurdles
  • The role for clinicians in engagement with brain banks
  • How researchers can access brain banks
  • Collaboration between brain banks
  • Public awareness