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#CupcakeDay for Alzheimer’s Society at Neuro Central

Today at Neuro Central and our parent company Future Science Group, we’re celebrating Alzheimer’s Society’s #CupcakeDay; a national campaign to raise vital funds for dementia research by baking, selling and eating cupcakes!

Alzheimer’s Society is a UK charity that invests in research into dementia care, causes, treatment and prevention. The Society also campaigns for the rights of those affected by dementia and provides a national helpline, resources and local support services both for those diagnosed with the disease and their families and carers.

The past year has seen significant progression in dementia research, including findings presented from the aducanumab and solanezumab trials, the launch of new collaborative initiatives such as the UK Dementia Research Institute, and a growing trend towards using new technologies to understand and fight the disease – all of this requires funding, much of which comes from charities such as Alzheimer’s Society. So grab a cupcake (or donate here), take a look at our research highlights from the past year, and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

If you’d like to find out more about Alzheimer’s Society or donate to the charity, please visit

You can also hear from James Pickett, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Society, in our free panel discussion on brain banking – now available On Demand
A year in Alzheimer’s research:

Trials and drug development

New technologies and collaboration

Alzheimer’s diagnosis, risk factors and treatment