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Expert Panelist: Christine Chambers


Chambers_2013_headshotChristine Chambers

Clinical Psychologist and Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychology & Neuroscience, Dalhousie University (NS, Canada)

Dr. Christine Chambers is a clinical psychologist and Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychology & Neuroscience (with cross-appointments in Anesthesia, Pain Management & Perioperative Medicine and Psychiatry), and former Canada Research Chair in Pain and Child Health (Tier 2, 2004-2014) at Dalhousie University. Her research lab is based in the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research at the IWK Health Centre.

Dr. Chambers’ research examines developmental, psychological, and social influences on children’s pain, with a focus on family factors in pediatric pain and using social media to mobilize evidence-based information about children’s pain to parents. Her research is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). She is a Principal Investigator and key mentor in the Pain in Child Health (PICH) training program and is the site lead for the IWK’s Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP).

She is the recipient of career awards from numerous organizations, including the International Association for the Study of Pain’s (IASP) Ulf Lindblom Young Investigator Award, given to an individual under the age of 40 who has made significant contributions to clinical pain research. She has given a TEDx talk on children’s pain and developed a YouTube video for parents about how to manage needle pain. Dr. Chambers was recently identified as one of the top 10 most productive women clinical psychology professors in Canada. She is also the proud mother of four young children.

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