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Expert Panelist: Susan Fox


S FoxSusan Fox

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Toronto and Associate Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital (both ON, Canada)

Dr. Susan H Fox B.Sc, MB ChB, MRCP , PhD, is Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Toronto, and Associate Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. She is a member of the International Executive Committee of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society; Co-editor of the Movement Disorder Society (MDS) website and chair of the evidence based medicine committee for the MDS.

Her research interests include pre-clinical studies investigating disease mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders; as well as Phase II and Phase III clinical trials of new treatments for Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. She has received research funding from the NIH, the CIHR, Parkinson Society Canada and Michael J Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson’s disease. She has published over 120 peer-reviewed papers, reviews and book chapters in the field; and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

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