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Expert Panellist: Sergio D. Bergese


Bergese Sergio MDSergio D. Bergese

Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurological Surgery, Chief of Neuroanesthesiology, Director of Clinical and Neurological Research and Director of Neuroanesthesia and Clinical and Perioperative Research Fellowships, Department of Anesthesiology & Neurological Surgery, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus (OH, USA)

Professor Bergese graduated from The National University of Cordoba School of Medicine (Argentina) and continued his postgraduate training at The Italian Hospital (London, UK) and later at The Ohio State University. A board certified anesthesiologist specializing in Neuroanesthesia, he received training in general surgery and completed a fellowship in cellular immunology (Transplantation). In addition, he completed training and received a certificate in business administration with a focus on business administration in anesthesiology. Upon completion of anesthesia training, he held a position of assistant professor in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University until his promotions to associate clinical professor, and finally full professor.

As the leader in neurosurgical anesthesiology, Professor Bergese actively pursued the plan to organize a clinical fellowship program in Neuro Anesthesiology within the department at The Ohio State University. Since the program was founded in 2007, many outstanding anesthesiologists received their specialized training in neurosurgical anesthesiology.

Professor. Bergese has participated in over 500 lectures nationally and internationally as an honored guest, spokesman, moderator, chairman, and visiting scholar. He contributed significantly to the development of national guidelines such us the management of postoperative nausea and vomiting, anesthetic management of Ischemic stroke, and cognitive disorders.

He began his research career early on in the Division of Transplantation in the Department of Surgery at The Ohio State University. Since the beginning of his career path over 25 years ago, he not only showed interest for the clinical aspects of the medical field but also for the research field. Dr. Bergese firmly believes research is the key to improving medicine and improving the lives of patients.

Dr. Bergese founded one of the largest clinical anesthesia research teams nationwide in the Department of Anesthesiology consisting of research fellows, clinical residents, post-doctoral researchers, medical students, clinical coordinators, research scientists, and research assistants. He has led the research team to new achievements including multiple collaborations, research grants, presentations, and peer-reviewed publications which led to a substantial increase in extramural research funding. He has had over 175 grants, and since its creation, the anesthesia research team has successfully performed multiple studies in the Clinical and Translational field including both internal and external collaborations.

Under his leadership, the anesthesia research team has successfully conducted over 150 clinical trials including sponsored and investigator initiated studies. Among the areas of interest are postoperative pain, postoperative nausea and vomiting, postoperative delirium, post anesthetic recovery and patient monitoring devices. These clinical studies have allowed Dr. Bergese and his team to publish multiple abstracts and peer-reviewed manuscripts in national and international high-impact journals including JAMA, Anesthesia & Analgesia, Neurosurgery, Neurosurgical Clinics of North America, and many others.

Professor Bergese has written over 160 papers. Many of the published works have been presented at both national and international anesthesiology and neurological surgery meetings.

His grant proposals have received extramural funding in the amount of over 3million dollars for research purposes. He holds several committee appointments at local and national levels such as The American Society of Anesthesiology, The Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia, and is also a member of the Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA). He serves in the Editorial Board of several reference Journals and is also the Editor in Chief for the Spanish Journal of Anesthesiology.

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