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Blood protein biomarkers as diagnostic tool for ischemic stroke: a systematic review

Aim: This systematic review provides a summary of the blood protein biomarkers that have been studied for the diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke. Materials & methods: An extensive MEDLINE (using PubMed) and Web of Knowledge search was performed. From the 354 articles found, 42 were eligible for further analysis and 25 protein biomarkers were examined. Results: Though many candidate blood-based protein biomarkers were examined, only two could significantly differentiate ischemic stroke patients from healthy controls, stroke mimics and hemorrhagic stroke patients. Conclusion: The blood protein biomarkers, brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and S100B, were promising biomarkers in diagnosing ischemic stroke. They could be used in cases of diagnostic uncertainty and/or when less experienced healthcare personnel are involved.
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