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Zika virus update: a note from the Editor

Eighteen months on from the WHO’s decision to designate Zika virus as a Public Health Emergency, where are we now? Following a rapid response from the global science and health communities, our understanding of the virus is now far from where we were in February 2016, though the search for an effective vaccine continues. With Zika research being such a fast-moving field, we wanted to take a look at how far we’ve come in the past 18 months, and explore the remaining questions and priorities for the coming years.

In this Zika focus, we’ve drawn on the expertise of those across the field: Erica McGrath (Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA) explores where we are now and Martha Powell (Editor, Infectious Disease Hub) details the current vaccine pipeline.  In addition, Soeren Metelmann and Matthew Baylis (University of Liverpool, UK) question what climate-driven models can teach us about the Zika outbreak. You can find links to all this and more below, where we’ve collated our top Zika content from the past year keep you up-to-date in this ever-moving field.

News from 2017
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