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Ask the Experts: the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease (Part 3: Looking ahead)

In line with World Alzheimer’s Month this September, we’ve brought together a panel of experts to discuss the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease in a 3-part debate. How much do genetics contribute to Alzheimer’s risk? What are the research priorities in this field? And could routine genetic screening and personalized treatments one day be a reality for patients? With Alzheimer’s now classed as the most feared disease in the aging global population, our experts address these questions and more. Together bringing insights from across research, social and charity perspectives, our experts are Kevin Morgan (University of Nottingham, UK), Rita Guerreiro (UCL, UK) and Clare Walton (Alzheimer’s Society, UK).
You can read the third and final installment of the debate below, which looks ahead at future research trends and the potential for personalized medicine.
Catch up on Part 1, covering the contribution of genetics to Alzheimer’s risk, the differences between early- and late-onset disease, and how new technologies have advanced our understanding of this ever-expanding field, here, and Part 2, which focused on current research priorities, challenges and ethical concerns, here.

Looking ahead, with an ever increasing knowledge of the genetics underlying Alzheimer’s disease (AD), how do you anticipate this could change the way the disease is diagnosed in the next 10 years?

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