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Epigenetics, opioids and immune regulation: interviews from SfN17

Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting, Neuroscience, is always a treasure trove of exciting research, new faces and lively discussion. Neuroscience 2017 (11–15 November, Washington DC, USA) was no exception, with over 30,000 attendees from across the field, and hot topics including the microbiome, epigenetics and opioid addiction. Here, we speak to four early career researchers whose respective research findings were highlighted by the Society as ones to watch in the coming years.
  • Jennifer Chan tells us about her work on how dad’s lifetime exposures can impact the brain development of his future offspring
  • Shivon Robinson describes her research into how a variation in opioid receptor gene may influence effects of prenatal drug exposure
  • Tiffany Doherty explains how a pharmacological approach could be used to prevent epigenetic traces left by early-life stress
  • Yul Huh tells us about his research into how neuropathic pain can be reduced via neuro-immune regulation from bone marrow stromal cell transplant

Click on the tabs below to find out more about each of the researchers’ work, as well as their predictions for the field and highlights from the conference.

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