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World Brain Tumor Day: cancer prevention advice and common perceptions

For World Brain Tumor Day this year (8 June), Gene Barnett, the Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neurology Center (OH, USA), provides cancer prevention advice and unveils the common perceptions in society.

Widespread lack of knowledge surrounding brain tumor symptoms can cause unfounded anxiety amongst many individuals, and may lead to a delay in seeking help in others.

The most common red flags observed were very similar to those of strokes. “Instead of a sudden onset there are gradually progressive symptoms: weakness in a limb, numbness; difficulty walking; difficulty with speech; change in personality; and gradually progressive change in vision,” Barnett explained. “There are, however a few more abrupt things: the onset of a seizure can be a warning sign.”

According to Barnett, brain tumors are rarely linked to lifestyle, unlike those affecting some other parts of the body, such as the lungs, liver or mouth.

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