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Alzheimer’s disease: The Longest Day – a note from the Editor

Today (21 June) marks The Longest Day, a campaign led annually by Alzheimer’s Association (IL, USA) in line with the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice. This day brings together people from across the globe to honor those facing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) – whether that’s someone living with the disease, their caregivers, or someone you’ve lost – by participating in an activity they love to raise funds and awareness. You can participate from any country in the world, or even join teammates across several countries by registering as an individual or a team.

Here at Neuro Central, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the highlights from this year’s Longest Day, as well as raise awareness of the disease and mark some of the recent research and developments in the field over the course of the year so far.

You can find out more about this here and follow the hashtags on Twitter: #TheLongestDay and #ENDALZ.


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Future plans on Neuro Central

Our team is also extremely excited to announce that we’re already planning our content and fundraising ideas for World Alzheimer’s Day (21 September)! We have a lot of ideas we’ve put together and would love for you to get involved. Whether you’re an Alzheimer’s patient, carer, researcher, nurse, clinician, charity, or early-careers, we’d be thrilled to work with you to get more insights into what you do. Contact our Editor, Sharon Salt, on if you’d like to get involved.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our selection of content from the year so far. We’re very much looking forward to continuing to bring updates from across the field to those researching, living with and fighting Alzheimer’s.

My best wishes,
Sharon Salt
Editor, Neuro Central

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