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AAIC 2018: Day 1 Update


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Today’s news

AAIC 2018: Dementia prevalence in the LGBT community highlights need for outreach 

Interesting fact of the day

This year at the conference, we have the highest percentage of women attending AAIC to date, with a recorded total of 52.8% of over 5,600 participants! #AAIC18

Pick of the posters

  1. Carbo AM, Rock A, Doyle K, Avrumson R, Riordan HJ, Cutler NR. An evaluation of individual subject eligibility reviews to ensure enrolment of high quality appropriate subjects in mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD) trials.
  2. Boublay N, Bouet R, Dorey J-M et al. Brain volume predicts behavioral and psychological symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Milanini B, Samboju V, Cobigo Y, Paul R, Allen I, Valcour V. Cognitive and brain volumetric changes to distinguish Alzheimer’s disease from HIV encephalopathy in HIV over age 60 years.
  4. Matthews DC, Andrews RD, Lukic AS et al. MRI classifiers characterize mild traumatic brain injury in symptomatic and presymptomatic stages and differentiate from Alzheimer’s disease related impairment.

Picture of the day

Our booth today in the Exhibit Hall at #AAIC18! 

Today at our booth

Today the Exhibit Hall opened here at McCormick Place in Chicago (IL, USA). We were set up and ready to go, with lots of prizes to be won by delegates and attendees on our wheel of fortune! If you missed it, make sure to come by tomorrow for a chance to win our treats or tote bags when you sign up for free!

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