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AAIC 2018: Day 2 Update


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  • Leung FYY, Chou Y-F, Arnold SE, Trojanowski JQ, Schellenberg GD, Wang L-S. CSF small RNA biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. The aim of this research was to identify and validate CSF and sncRNA biomarkers using both CSF and brain data. Their results revealed that in CSF, 162 sncRNAs were differentially expressed between Alzheimer’s disease and cognitively normal females. In addition to this, by using miRTarBase, they found three miRNAs that were experimentally vaidated to target known Alzheimer’s disease-related genes.
  • Eikelboom WS, van den Berg E, Coesmans M et al. The diagnostic challenge of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease: a case report. The aim of this study was to illustrate how misclassification of late-onset psychiatric symptoms can hamper the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and to make recommendations to enhance clinicians’ awareness. They concluded that there might be a subgroup of patients with a psychiatric diagnosis set in late-adulthood that actually have underlying Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Ingala S, Redolfi A, Kate MT et al. Predicting cognitive decline through structural MRI biomarkers results from the EMIF-AD biomarker discovery study. The aim of this research was to predict cognitive decline (MMSE) in non-demented subjects based on data from the clinical, MRI, and cognitive domains at baseline. They concluded that their model could predict future MMSE scores with high confidence based on baseline MRI and cognitive measures.

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Can you spot the Neuro Central booth? 

Today at our booth

We’ve done a lot of networking today and catching up with a lot of our friends in the UK, such as the Alzheimer’s Research UK team. We also had the pleasure of meeting Adam Smith from Dementia Researcher, which was really great as we were able to talk about potential collaboration opportunities and to put a face to the name!

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