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Role of PARK7 and NDKA in stroke management: a review of PARK7 and NDKA as stroke biomarkers

Aim: Biomarkers are molecules measured in plasma, serum or other body fluids to characterize a disease. PARK7 and NDKA roles in the management of stroke are still on study. Therefore, their potentials need to be developed in totality. The aim of this review is to demonstrate that PARK7 and NDKA could present more clinical important information as biomarkers for management of stroke disease. Main contents: Four main aspects of PARK7 and NDKA are exploited in this review. First, their diagnostic value is discussed in order to demonstrate their possible role as stroke diagnosis markers. Second, this article will exploit the correlation of both markers with time, by showing their dynamic changes in serum and plasma. Third, it describes the observed relationship of their levels with NIH Stroke Scale. The last aspect visits the possibility of their implementation in stroke therapy. Conclusion: This article explores recent findings and proposes the potential roles that PARK7 and NDKA play in the management of acute stroke disease.
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