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AAIC 2019: The role of technology in dementia care and prevention

New studies reported at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (14–18 July 2019, Los Angeles, CA, USA) are addressing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementias from a new angle. Technology is constantly expanding and evolving, and its role in improving dementia care, prevention and alleviating the ongoing health burden is being examined. The research is taking three different angles – direct care of people living with dementia, assistance for caregivers and prevention education for young people.

Telemedicine programs could decrease the use of emergency departments by people with dementia

Studies have indicated that individuals with dementia have high rates of emergency department (ED) use for acute illness when compared with age-matched peers without a dementia diagnosis. These ED visits not only incur additional costs to the healthcare system but can be particularly stressful for individuals with dementia. Researchers at University of Wisconsin–Madison (WI, USA) evaluated the use of a lower-cost telemedicine or remote consultation with a healthcare provider as an alternative to visiting the ED.

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