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SfN19: Brain organoids advance studies of neural development, research suggests


New research presented at SfN Neuroscience 2019 (19–23 October, Chicago, IL, USA) outlines some of the exciting developments and important limitations in the use of brain organoids.

“The advances presented today illustrate the exciting potential of using organoids to study brain processes in normal development and disease. However, we know they must be rigorously compared to the normally developing human brain to better understand their strengths and limitations,” commented Hongjun Song, a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (PA, USA).

Brain organoids can consistently reproduce rich diversity of cell types found in human cerebral cortex, study indicates

Research presented by scientists based at Harvard University (MA, USA) has indicated that a sample of 21 brain organoids developed from different cell lines consistently reproduced the rich diversity of cell types that are present in the human cerebral cortex.

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