Auditory comprehension performance of college students with and without sport concussion on Computerized-Revised Token Test Subtest VIII

Written by Salvatore AP, Cannito M, Brassil HE, Bene ER, Sirmon-Taylor B

Aim: Auditory comprehension (AC) and visually assessed cognitive functions were compared in early stage postconcussed (PC) athletes and healthy controls using the Subtest VIII of the Computerized-Revised Token Test (C-RTT) and Immediate Postconcussion Assessment and Cognitive Test (ImPACT). Results: As compared with healthy controls (n = 30), PC subjects (n = 30) had significantly lower C-RTT efficiency scores (p = 0.018), and lower ImPACT scores; total symptom score (p = 0.000.), verbal memory (p = 0.000), visual memory (p = 0.000), visual motor speed (p = 0.000) and reaction time (p = 0.004) in this post-test only matched subject design....

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