Dani Beck

PhD student, University of Oslo (Norway)

[email protected]

Dani Beck is a Norway-based clinical neuroscience and brain imaging PhD candidate currently investigating the pathological brain changes associated with cardiovascular risk factors (such as smoking, BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.). Recent research has highlighted the intrinsic connection between the brain and the cardiovascular system. 

In addition to his current work in neuroscience, Dani has a background in forensic psychology and general psychology, which have played a role in shaping his other scientific interests. When he’s not researching (or contributing to Neuro Central), he enjoys reading, practicing his coding skills and hiking. Dani is passionate about mental health, improving the academic work environment, open access/science and being vocal about politics and current events, especially those that threaten egalitarian and democratic values.

Twitter: @_DaniBeck