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Metformin may help promote brain repair in female mice


A research team led by Cindi Morshead from the University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) has indicated that metformin, a drug prescribed for the treatment of diabetes, encourages repair in the brains of adult female mice and that the female sex hormone estradiol plays a key role in this process. The article has been published in Science Advances.

A previous study conducted by researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children (Ontario, Canada) revealed that metformin induced brain repair and improved motor function in newborn mice that had a stroke. Metformin activates stem cells in the brain, allowing the brain to repair and replace different brain cells that have been damaged and killed by injury. The research team from University of Toronto wanted to find out if metformin could also encourage cognitive recovery.

“You can fix a hole in someone’s brain but if they don’t function better it’s irrelevant to them,” said Morshead.

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