Neuro Central Spotlights draw together top content on a hot topic in the neuro world over several weeks. From journal articles, news, and exclusive interviews and opinion pieces, Spotlights take an in-depth exploration of a current topic in neurology and neuroscience. Take a look at our current and previous Spotlights below:

0 Antibody therapeutics

Take a look at our Spotlight on antibody therapeutics, as we explore key advances made in the field, clinical uses, challenges and future outlook.

0 Organoids

In this Spotlight on organoids, we will explore some of the key advances made in organoid research in the fields of neuroscience and neurology, including the challenges surrounding their development and use.

0 Biomarker discovery and development

In this Spotlight we will explore key advances in biomarker discovery and development, clinical uses of biomarkers in neurological diseases, challenges surrounding biomarker R&D and future outlooks.

0 World Alzheimer’s Month

We’re celebrating World Alzheimer’s Month this September! Join us as we honor those living with dementia, as well as celebrate the scientists, clinicians, charities and fundraisers working to beat this disease. Not only will we sharing the latest advances in dementia research throughout the month, but we’ll also be raising money for two charities that support Alzheimer’s research through our #VoicesForAlzheimers campaign.

0 Frontiers in TBI

Take a look at our videos filmed at the inaugural Frontiers in TBI conference in London (UK, 13–14 July 2017),…

0 Neuroregeneration

The limited capacity for repair in the nervous system represents a significant medical challenge: as such, we wanted to explore…

0 Neuroimmunology

In the last decade we’ve seen a huge expansion in both our understanding and targeting of the immune system. Of…