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Could hyaluronic acid contribute to chronic white matter injury?

Can living in a sunnier climate in your youth reduce the risk of MS?

Could transcranial direct current stimulation offer relief from fatigue in multiple sclerosis sufferers?

Cerebrovascular disease

Role of PARK7 and NDKA in stroke management: a review of PARK7 and NDKA as stroke biomarkers

International Stroke Conference 2019: key news stories

ANA 2018: key highlights and news stories


3D printed scaffold promotes nerve cell growth for spinal cord injury

Advances in enteric neurobiology – the ‘brain’ in the gut in health and disease

SfN18: Advances in brain–computer interfaces may improve therapies and prosthetics

Cognitive/neurodegenerative disorders

Could cannabis-based medicines be used to combat the symptoms of dementia?

Blood biomarkers for neurological disease research: current status, challenge and future outlook

Dementia risk factors unidentifiable in half of adults surveyed

Demyelinating disease

Multiple sclerosis: determining the dynamic nature of oligodendrocyte regeneration

Biomarker discovery and development in multiple sclerosis: where are we now?

US FDA warns of stroke risk with multiple sclerosis drug: industry news round-up

Development and pediatrics

US FDA warns of stroke risk with multiple sclerosis drug: industry news round-up

Gilenya® gains EMA approval for pediatric multiple sclerosis

Artificial intelligence and home videos: a new diagnostic method for autism?

Epilepsy and seizure

Wireless ‘pacemaker for the brain’ could treat tremors and seizures in neurological diseases

Cannabidiol for epilepsy expected to be available within 6 weeks: industry news round-up

First FDA-approved cannabinoid-derived drug for seizures


SfN18: The potential of gene therapy in neurological disorders

Treasure trove of 102 genes associated with autism identified

Monogenic neurodevelopmental disorders may not be as simple as they seem


US FDA warns of stroke risk with multiple sclerosis drug: industry news round-up

Alzheimer’s drug development halted following toxic reaction: industry news round-up

Aimovig® receives EMA license for the prevention of migraine

Immune disorders and inflammation

Inflammatory disease and anxiety: could endocannabinoids be a mechanism of comorbidity?

FENS 2018: Immune system offers new way of treating Alzheimer’s disease

FENS 2018: Could anxiety and inflammation be treated with cannabis?


Link between Alzheimer’s disease and periodontal bacteria gains traction

ANA 2018: key highlights and news stories

Further evidence links herpes virus to Alzheimer’s disease


World’s first iPS trial approved in Japan for spinal cord injuries

‘Punch drunk syndrome’: an early career perspective with Marc Goldfinger

‘Punch drunk syndrome’: an introduction to CTE, clinical relevance and pathology

Movement disorders

Wireless ‘pacemaker for the brain’ could treat tremors and seizures in neurological diseases

RESTORE-1: first patient dosed with gene therapy in Parkinson’s trial

BrainStorm scraps initial access to NurOwn® for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Vision in Alzheimer's disease: a focus on the anterior afferent pathway

Glaucoma research gives a glimpse of a novel neuroprotection mechanism

Management of glaucoma as a neurodegenerative disease


Epigenetics, opioids and immune regulation: interviews from SfN17

Jeffrey Iliff: glymphatics, Alzheimer’s and future directions

SfN17: Neurodegeneration and the microbiome – new research highlights


New genetic suspects identified for ALS and FTD

Novel discovery in motor neuron disease may pave the way for future treatments

EAN 2017: Guillain-Barré syndrome risk associated with month of birth


Risk of depression linked to cannabis use in teens

Treasure trove of 269 genes associated with depression identified

Mental illnesses may be treated with common somatic drugs


SurVaxM for newly diagnosed glioblastoma: an interview with Manmeet Ahluwalia

Recurrent glioblastoma could be effectively treated using pembrolizumab

A peek behind the paper – Charles Cobbs on the Nativis Voyager® for the treatment of glioblastoma


Could neuropathic pain be treated by modulation of immune cells?

New smartphone application could detect first signs of opioid overdose

The opioid epidemic: could a vaccine prevent addiction and overdose?


Night owls vs morning larks: are there differences in brain function?

SfN18: Disrupted sleep may exacerbate anxiety and brain disorders

#NCIntroduces... Sleep science