Pain Management Vol. 10 No. 1 | Review

Abuse-deterrent opioid analgesics: a guide for clinicians


The US FDA has encouraged the development of abuse-deterrent formulations (ADFs) of opioid analgesics as one component in a comprehensive effort to combat prescription opioid abuse. Guidance issued by the FDA outlines three types of premarket studies for evaluating abuse deterrence: laboratory-based in vitro manipulation and extraction studies, pharmacokinetic studies and human abuse potential studies. After approval, postmarket studies are needed to evaluate the impact of an ADF product on abuse in real-world settings. This review summarizes the regulatory issues involved in the development of ADF opioids and clarifies abuse-deterrence claims in product labels, in order to assist clinicians in critically evaluating the available evidence pertaining to the abuse-deterrent features of opioid analgesics.

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