Design, synthesis and multitarget biological profiling of second-generation anti-Alzheimer rhein–huprine hybrids

Written by Francisco Javier Pérez-Areales, Nibal Betari, Antonio Viayna et al

Aim: Simultaneous modulation of several key targets of the pathological network of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is being increasingly pursued as a promising option to fill the critical gap of efficacious drugs against this condition. Materials & Methods: A short series of compounds purported to hit multiple targets of relevance in AD has been designed, on the basis of their distinct basicities estimated from high-level quantum mechanical computations, synthesized, and subjected to assays of inhibition of cholinesterases, BACE-1, and Aβ42 and tau aggregation, of antioxidant activity, and of brain permeation. Results: Using, as a template, a lead rhein–huprine hybrid with an...

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