Concussion Vol. 5 No. 1 | Research Article

Vertical smooth pursuit as a diagnostic marker of traumatic brain injury


Aim: Neural deficits were measured via the eye tracking of vertical smooth pursuit (VSP) as markers of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The present study evaluated the ability of the eye tracking tests to differentiate between different levels of TBI severity and healthy controls. Methodology: Ninety-two individuals divided into four groups (those with mild, moderate or severe TBI and healthy controls) participated in a computerized test of VSP eye movement using a remote eye tracker. Results: The VSP eye tracking test was able to distinguish between severe and moderate levels of TBI but unable to detect differences in the performance of participants with mild TBI and healthy controls. Conclusion: The eye-tracking technology used to measure VSP eye movements is able to provide a timely and objective method of differentiating between individuals with moderate and severe levels of TBI.

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