Kynurenic acid could prove a useful target to reduce cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia

Written by Jonathan Wilkinson

Researchers from University of Maryland (MD, USA) have published a new paper in Biological Psychiatry, reporting that schizophrenia-like behavior can be influenced by adjusting kynurenic acid levels in mice. Working with scientists from Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), University of Leicester (Leicester, UK) and KynuRex (CA, USA), this research builds on previous literature that has linked kynurenic acid with a number of neuropsychiatric diseases. Previous research has found that sufferers of schizophrenia demonstrate reduced glutamate signaling compared with non-sufferers; kynurenic acid decreases glutamate, so it has been theorized that increased levels of this metabolite may be associated with symptoms of schizophrenia,...

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