Neurons of a rat heart mapped in 3D

Written by Julia Titova (Future Science Group)

This image shows a whole-heart view of the 3D reconstructed male rat heart, showing the extent and distribution of the intrinsic cardiac neurons.
Credit: Achanta et al. - iScience

A team of researchers from around the world, led by scientists from Thomas Jefferson University (PA, USA), has worked together to develop a virtual 3D model of heart neurons. The study, published in the journal iScience, explains how the team created a comprehensive map of the intrinsic cardiac nervous system of a rat, paving the way for both neurologists and cardiologists to further investigate the neuroanatomy of the heart. Senior author of the study, James Schwaber (Thomas Jefferson University) said that: “Many cardiologists aren’t even aware there are neurons in the heart, let alone that they are critical to heart...

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