Neurotransmitter receptor genotypes associated with mental and behavioral disorders

Written by Ekrem Varoglu, Adil Seytanoglu, Esra Asilmaz & Bahar Taneri

Aim: Investigation of association studies within the field of mental and behavioral disorders is of value given their complex molecular etiology including epistatic interactions of multiple genes with small effects. Materials & methods: Utilizing biomedical text mining, associations are uncovered for all mental and behavioral conditions listed in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Text Revision. Specifically, a computational pipeline is designed to retrieve neurotransmitter receptor variations from biomedical literature with a text mining approach, where unique polymorphisms are also mined. Results: Analyses of 1337 unique neurotransmitter receptors and 465 distinct conditions yield 1568 unique gene–disease associations. Conclusion: This...

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