Exploristics Ltd

Exploristics has specific expertise in providing support in the design and analysis of clinical trials, pharmacogenomics, observational studies, electronic health records, medical devices, diagnostics, real-world data analytics and risk stratification.

Exploristics provides world-class analytics and software for life sciences and healthcare. With in-depth experience of drug discovery and clinical development, our team of skilled statisticians, mathematicians and software developers can offer practical support in study design and analysis, working closely with clients to create streamlined solutions. Our range of statistical services and software has broad application across clinical research and is useful to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostics and devices companies as well as CROs, bio banks and healthcare providers.

Associated content:

KERUS™ trial design, optimized – Video highlighting KERUS™, an innovative software tool for designing research studies, allowing quick convenient optimization of a wide range of study design parameters.

KERUS: optimizing trial design in silico This video gives an overview of KERUS™ an easy to use simulation tool specifically for optimizing design and analysis of research studies.