Veledimex: a drug-inducible gene therapy approach for glioblastoma yields promising Phase I results

Written by Alice Bough (Future Science Group)

Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (MA, USA) and Dana-Farber Cancer Center (MA, USA) have collaborated to conduct a Phase I trial investigating a novel treatment method (veledimex) for glioblastoma. The results of the study, which utilizes a drug-inducible gene therapy approach, have been published in Science Translational Medicine. The approach involves activation of the human interleukin-12 (hiL-12) gene by the oral activator ligand veledimex. While hiL-12 has been previously demonstrated to be an effective antitumor molecule, systemic exposure to elevated levels of the protein can cause toxicity. To combat this, the researchers’ method aims to expose only the tumor...

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