Michael Hutton: progress and pipelines in neurology research

Whilst at Lilly’s Erl Wood at 50 celebration event, we spoke with Michael Hutton (Lilly, UK). In this video, Michael tells us about Lilly’s significant contributions to neurology research and the current research pipeline.
Michael Hutton joined Lilly as Chief Scientific Officer for Neurodegenerative Disease in 2009 and was appointed UK Site Scientific Leader in 2012. He is based at Erl Wood and leads drug discovery for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and fronto-temporal dementia. Prior to joining Lilly, Dr Hutton worked at Merck and at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville (FL, USA) as Professor of Neuroscience. During his time at Mayo, Dr Hutton’s team played a major role in determining the causes of fronto-temporal dementia with the discovery of mutations in tau and progranulin and the mechanism by which these lead to neurodegeneration.

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