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ARUK Conference 2018: an early career researcher’s perspective

ARUK’s support for those beginning to build their careers in dementia research is felt throughout their annual conference, starting with their Early Careers Day.

An exciting time to start a career in dementia research

This is my second year of attending the Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) Conference as a PhD student, held this year at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in central London. What strikes me most about the conference this year is the emphasis on the importance of supporting early career researchers (students, post-docs and fellows) and the opportunities for showcasing work available to those building their career in dementia research. The focus on nurturing new talent in the field was evident throughout the conference and makes this a really exciting time to be coming into dementia research as a student or post-doc.

Each year ARUK holds an ‘Early Careers Day’ the day before the main conference begins. This day is organized and chaired entirely by early career researchers: PIs are strictly not allowed to attend! This give students, post-docs and fellows the opportunity to present their work in a more comfortable environment. As Lucy Granat (first year PhD student, KCL) remarks as we leave the first session of talks: “It’s so much more relaxed with just PhD students.” In fact there are also some post-docs and fellows dotted around the room who have organized the early career day and chair the sessions, which is great experience if you get the chance.

There are also numerous opportunities to gain experience, network, present your research and get recognition for your work as an early career researcher at the conference – take a look at the conference reports from Day 1 and Day 2 for further coverage of these, including the early career researcher prizes and flash presentations.

Preparation, posters and presentations

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