Antibody therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease demonstrates improved safety profile

Written by Sharon Salt, Editor

ProMIS Neurosciences (Toronto, Canada) has announced that their oligomer-selective antibody therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), PMN310, demonstrates potential for improved safety profile compared to other amyloid beta (Aβ)-directed antibodies in clinical development. In a direct comparison to BAN2401 and aducanumab, the company revealed that PMN310 displayed no binding to Aβ plaque in AD brain samples. BAN2401 and aducanumab were both reported to have displayed robust Aβ reactivity. Earlier in January, ProMIS Neurosciences announced that PMN310 demonstrated greater selectivity for Aβ oligomers compared to aducanumab. The binding of these therapeutic antibodies to Aβ deposits in brain tissue, in particular blood vessels,...

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