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Ask the Experts: Emerging therapies in multiple sclerosis (Part II: stem cells and future research)

In line with our focus this month on ‘emerging techniques and approaches’, we’ve brought together a panel of experts to discuss emerging therapies in multiple sclerosis (MS) in a two-part discussion. How extensive is our current knowledge of the mechanisms behind MS? What are the primary targets for existing therapies and future treatments? How could MS therapies change in the next 10 years? We’ve also incorporated the questions that you wanted to ask our experts, including the use of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) as a treatment option and how adult stem cells fare in relation to other stem cell sources.
Bringing together insights from across research and the pharmaceutical industry, our experts are Rick Munschauer (MedDay Pharmaceuticals, MA, USA), Luke Lairson (The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA) and Valentina Fossati (New York Stem Cell Foundation, NY, USA). You can read the second installment of the discussion below, which focuses on the use of stem cells as a treatment option, and what further research is on the horizons for MS.
Catch up on Part I here, where our experts discuss the mechanisms, therapies and challenges involved in the research field. 

 A paper on HSCT as an effective and safe treatment for patients with relapsing MS made headlines recently – could you tell us more about this and the challenges involved?

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