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Early Career Panelist: Lucia Li


Clinical Lecturer, Imperial College London, UK

Lucia Li is a Clinical Lecturer in Neurology. Her research uses multimodal methods to assess outcomes and treatments for the consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Lucia’s most recent projects have used novel combined brain stimulation–brain imaging techniques to investigate the potential for brain stimulation as a treatment for cognitive deficits are TBI. She is currently working on characterizing aggression and emotional lability after TBI, particularly with regards to its links with post-TBI autonomic dysfunction. In addition to this, Lucia is also interested in using wearable technology and remote monitoring, combined with machine learning techniques, to understand the daily impact of emotional dysfunction after TBI.

She also enjoys teaching and science outreach activities, and one of her other roles is as a Trustee for Headway West London (UK), a charity for survivors of brain injury.

Social: @NeuroDocLucia

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