A review of the Senza System: a novel, high frequency 10 kHz (HF10), parasthesia-free spinal cord simulator

Written by Sharon Salt, Senior Editor

In this Device Evaluation from the journal Pain Management, the authors review Nevro Corporation’s (CA, USA) high-frequency spinal cord stimulator (HF10 SCS) termed the Senza System. This system combines high-frequency (10 kHz) stimulation with a specific treatment algorithm termed HF10 therapy, which is a paresthesia-free treatment that provides significant relief to patients who have refractory back and leg pain. HF10 therapy has demonstrated success in treating back and leg pain compared with traditional spinal cord stimulation. Compared with traditional spinal cord stimulation, HF10 SCS has an adverse event profile that is comparable. However, no paresthesia side effects have been observed...

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