Ask the Experts: Is Alzheimer’s disease transmissible? (Part 2: Transmissible Alzheimer’s disease)

Written by Lauren Pulling

This latest instalment of our ‘Ask the Experts’ column – with Karl Frontzek (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Herbert Budka (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Marc Diamond (University of Texas Southwestern, TX, USA) and Masahito Yamada (Kanazawa University, Japan) –  focuses on the question, ‘Is Alzheimer’s disease transmissible?’. Yesterday we explored the subject of transmissible neurological disorders, and today we focus specifically on the evidence for and against the suggestion that Alzheimer’s disease could be transmissible. Read Part 1 of the debate here. Find out more about our experts at the bottom of this page. What current evidence is there for Alzheimer’s...

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