Black In Neuro Week: reflections on a week celebrating Black excellence in STEM

Written by Ebony Coward (The University of Edinburgh, UK)

‘Black In Neuro Week’ took place on Twitter and Instagram from 27 July–2 August 2020. Following the success of other social media campaigns centered on Black scientists and scholars, such as #BlackBirdersWeek, #BlackBotanistsWeek and #BlackInAstro, lead organizer Angeline Dukes (University of California Irvine, CA, USA) questioned when there would be a ‘Black In Neuro Week’. In the space of 3 weeks and with a team of 23 organizers from across the globe, ‘Black In Neuro Week’ was launched as a week-long celebration of ‘Black excellence in neuroscience-related fields’. This included a host of virtual panels, Q&As, roundtable discussions, interviews and...

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