LMTX drug shows promise for use in Parkinson’s disease therapy

Written by Roisin Conneely

Preclinical results from TauRx Therapeutics Ltd (Aberdeen, Scotland) have indicated that LMTM, the active agent in its LMTX® drug originally developed for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) treatment, may also be beneficial as a Parkinson’s disease (PD) medication. LMTX is a reduced form of methylthioninium, which has previously shown promising results in trials in mild to moderate AD. The most recent study utilized two transgenic mouse models with induced synucleinopathies, termed L58 and L62, which had been characterized in previous studies. Both groups developed mobility and behavioural abnormalities classically observed in PD, and interestingly, the L62 model, which exhibited higher levels of...

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