Mild cognitive impairment: it’s time to counterattack

Written by Neuro Central

Mild cognitive impairment is a condition characterized as the stage between expected cognitive decline of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia [1]. People with this condition have minor problems with cognition, but not to the extent that it interferes significantly with daily life. Although mild cognitive impairment is not a form of dementia, a person with the condition is more likely to go on to develop dementia.

At present, there is no medical treatment that can be offered to individuals with mild cognitive impairment. However, various advocacy groups and government programs have offered advice on how to reduce your risk of dementia, but these factors often need to be implemented before signs of cognitive impairment start to develop [2].

To help raise awareness of mild cognitive impairment, Dr Leslie Norins created MCI911 and its website – a new information service for people with the condition that aims to disseminate news, provide advice and report on research findings. Here, Leslie provides a video introduction into mild cognitive impairment and why this condition is of extreme medical importance. He also provides readers with a whitepaper on counterattacking the condition and explores what needs to be done to battle the condition.

This feature was produced in association with MCI911.

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About MCI911

MCI911 and its website is a new information service and clearinghouse formed to disseminate news, advice and research findings that might aid patients in fending off, halting, or even reversing mild cognitive impairment. The “911” in the name indicates urgency and is adapted from the 911 emergency help telephone number used throughout the USA. The firm is independent, privately held and not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any other organization or group. It is self-funded and does not seek or accept outside donations or grants.

The company is a ‘sister’ firm to Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc (, which encourages research on the possible roles of microbes in causing or accelerating Alzheimer’s disease.

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