Multiple sclerosis and related challenges to young women’s health: Canadian expert review

Written by Galina Vorobeychik, Denise Black, Paul Cooper & Ashley Cox

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is among the most common chronic neurological diseases diagnosed in young adults. In Canada, 60% of adults diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are aged 20–49 years and twice as many young women as men have MS. Young women are particularly at risk for many of the most common MS comorbidities such as depression, anxiety, migraines and urinary and bowel issues, which adversely affect progression of disability, risk of relapse, QoL, healthcare requirement and risk of mortality. Managing MS-related symptoms in young women is complex and interrelated and requires a holistic multidisciplinary approach.

The objective of this Supplement is to review these MS-related comorbidities in young women (including depression, anxiety, migraines, and reproductive, urological and bowel issues) and propose a holistic-care strategy involving a multidisciplinary team to managing these patients.

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