Scientists identify a novel molecule for the treatment of pain and depression

Written by Celeste Brady (Future Science Group)

Researchers at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) have developed a novel molecule termed LIH383 that can bind to a newly identified opioid receptor in the brain known as ACKR3. Andy Chevigné (LIH) and his team have published their research in Nature Communications detailing the newly discovered receptor, which acts differently to previously described opioid receptors by sequestering opioid peptides, subsequently dampening their painkilling and antidepressant activity. Co-first author of the study, Max Meyrath (LIH) explained: “Interestingly, we found that ACKR3 does not trigger the distinctive chain of molecular signalling events that results in painkilling effects. Instead, ACKR3 functions as...

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