SfN 2018: Day 2 Update

Written by Sharon Salt, Editor

Video highlight Today’s news SfN18: Disrupted sleep may exacerbate anxiety and brain disorders  SfN18: Exosomes could have wide-ranging and long-term effects in the brain and body SfN18: The adolescent brain, mental health and substance abuse Pick of the posters Szyszkowicz JK, Barnett Burns S, Kim I, Audet M-C, Turecki G, Luheshi GN. The gut microbiome as a key regulator of early life stress induced depression. In this poster, the researchers hypothesized that early life stress confers long-lasting changes in gut microbiome composition, intestinal and blood-brain barrier permeability, and promotes pro-inflammatory brain-immune interactions, ultimately resulting in an increased risk for depression. Their...

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