Treatment of tardive dyskinesia with tetrabenazine or valbenazine: a systematic review

Written by Stanley N Caroff , Saurabh Aggarwal & Charles Yonan

Up to 30% of patients taking antipsychotics may develop tardive dyskinesia (TD). Recent evidence-based recommendations demonstrate an unmet need for effective TD management. This systematic review was designed to update the evidence for TD treatment, comparing two vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) inhibitors, tetrabenazine and valbenazine. Of 487 PubMed/Embase search results, 11 studies met the review criteria. Valbenazine efficacy was demonstrated in rigorously designed clinical trials that meet the guidelines for AAN Class I evidence. Due to differences in study designs and a lack of standardized and controlled trials with tetrabenazine, a formal meta-analysis comparing the agents was not possible....

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