Unraveling the heterogeneity of oligodendrocytes with Ana Mendanha Falcão

Written by Ana Mendanha Falcão (Karolinska Institute, Solna, Sweden)

This summer, Miltenyi Biotec (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany) organized a workshop on “Adult neural cells from healthy and diseased brain – challenges and opportunities” during the Glial meeting in Porto, Portugal (10–13 July 2019). During this meeting, Drs Ana Mendanha Falcão, Verena Haage and Pascale Eede gave interesting and informative talks on their research on oligodendrocytes, astrocytes and microglia, and shared their experiences on acquiring viable glial cells from adult brain tissues. Read the interview with Ana Mendanha Falcão here. 1.Could you tell us more about your current research focus and what inspired you to work in this field? I am...

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